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Program Coordinator

(We are not currently hiring for the position of Program Coordinator) In our small management team, the Program Coordinator wears many hats! They spend time each week working with the clients and staff. They write programs that improve the lives of the clients. They supervise and support the "In-House Case Managers" who are staff specifically assigned to one client.

They work closely with the Program Manager in the daily operations and serve as the on-call supervisor for two days a week.

Typically this is someone that can do it all! We may not expect someone to walk into the job knowing everything, but we are looking for someone that is capable of doing it all.
Some of the skills and experience that will help us decide to hire you are:
- A caring person with good communication skills
- Experience with autism, dual diagnoses, nursing, etc.
- MS Office skills
- Leadership experience

The starting wage for the Program Coordinator position is $27.50 per hour.

Below, you will find a link to download a PDF with a full job description.

For questions and to send your resume email

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